Forget Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie .. Brad Pitt is a fan of Adele

After rumors spread about the return of Brad Pitt to his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston, and new reports about his return to the mother of his children, the star Angelina Jolie, some websites and global social media pages circulated news that the American star admires the British star Adele.


Reports have stated that Brad Pitt is a fan of Adele, the British singer who shocked her fans with losing a lot of weight after her split with husband Simon Konecki.
A close source claimed that Adele had recently caught the attention of Pitt for her beauty and said that the star was fascinated by her “loud sense of humor”.


“Brad is not only attracted to her because she is pretty, but because she makes him laugh and feels good when they hang out or talk on the phone,” the source said.


The source added that Brad hopes that things will work out between them because he feels that they may be an ideal couple, and yet he is not sure that “Adele feels the same way”, because he has the impression that she is not looking forward to the relationship again.


Brad and Adele were silent and did not clarify the truth about these widespread rumors.


Adele had dazzled the world by completely changing her shape after losing about 45 kilograms of weight, after separating from her husband Simon Konecki, confirming that she did so for her 7-year-old son.


Brad Pitt has been exposed to many rumors about his love life this year, starting with his return to his first wife Jennifer Aniston at the SAG Awards earlier this year, and recently it was said that he and Angelina meet secretly and that feelings of love and romance have returned between them, after paparazzi spotted Brad Pitt He is escaping from Angelina Jolie’s house several times, especially during the closure period imposed by the emerging corona virus.

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