London Pop Vocalist on the Rise Serena Deena Wins Praise for new Single “Love Affair”

High energy entertainer Serena Deena is a wildly skilled singer, writer, and dancer. She showcases all these qualities and more in her latest song “Love Affair”, with the Radio Edit available now.

February 25, 2021

Many would find it hard to believe that Cypress-born, London-based and Internationally focused Pop Star Serena Deena who is equally comfortable singing or rapping, came up out of the rock scene. But now make no mistake she has left the guitar behind and she is now all about delivery a message through her voice, her pen, and through dance. This has been, so far, an unquestioned success, as she wins the attention of more fans and followers from both the audience of listeners and the music industry every day. In exciting news, following up her impressive 2020 twin albums “Sold Out” and “Crushed Aspirin”, with her latest single “Love Affair”. The single has been met with enthusiasm.

“I’ve been singing since I was 17 so music is in my blood,” commented the clearly passionate artist. “Now I am getting to work with some of the world’s top multi platinum producers and Grammy award winning producers and songwriters. It’s been amazing and the best is yet to come! I am very excited to see the response to ‘Love Affair’, my latest song.”

According to Serena, she proudly writes her own lyrics, touching on all kinds of personal topics that are quite relatable. From the need to hustle to become a success, to the ins and outs of love, sex, being an empowered woman, and much, much more.



Coming from a difficult, challenging background has certainly helped motivate the rising star and this vibe can be heard in her songs as well. This realness is something that many in the pop world would love to have, but for Serena it is a natural quality. Now past those hardships she is giving an example of what’s possible to other girls and women who follow their dreams with confidence. No matter what field it may be – music, art, fashion, dance, or wherever else their passions take them, Serena provides the perfect soundtrack.

Answering the question of what’s next, Serena points to how 2021 will see her staying on the grind creating infectious songs that show off her abilities and her very diverse influences. Touring is also something she can hardly wait for, with the only thing in the way is the ongoing issues surrounding Covid 19. Also expect an exciting move to the United States, where she can put her talent in front of all of the right eyes and build her future.


In addition to her music, Serena Deena is also the CEO and Founder of her own high energy fashion brand, another world that is close to her heart.

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