Youngest computer and space scientist of Pakistan | Ameer Moavia

Ameer Moavia a Young Computer and space researcher who was brought into the world on seventeenth April 2000 in the city of Islamabad, Pakistan. He was at one time an ordinary child like other people who endeavored to appear as something else.


To discover what you need to do throughout everyday life and why? is the thing that everybody thinks except not every person tackles a job to track down that out. A few groups have the ability, some are fortunate however the individuals who endeavored to accomplish something stick out. To sort out what piece of the world you have a place, you need to glimpse somewhere inside where you came from, what your identity is 


Ameer Moavia Young Computer and space researcher begins when he was in the eighth grade. He sorted out what he needs to do throughout everyday life, where he needs to go. At the point when children are trusting that their folks will choose what they need them to be, Ameer settled for himself. He needed to dominate in the field of software engineering, alongside his advantage in the field of science. Ameer Moavia was enlivened by the overall hypothesis of relativity. Ameer used to peruse books day and night about space & Time and computer. Yet, his excursion was not as simple as every other person, toward the starting Ameer Moavia used to battle a great deal in discovering the solutions to his inquiries and striving to transform his considerations into a reality. Nobody trusted him on the double, nobody upheld him except for as time passed his work at long last began to pay off.

“We are capable of Uncapable ”
-Ameer Moavia


Ameer Moavia is now working with many different organizations. He is a researcher whose researches are based on black holes and the Higgs field

In secondary education, he failed twice in physics, but this didn’t stop him from achieving his dreams. Later on, he became the youngest theoretical physicist in Pakistan



Ameer Moavia’s self-Independency leads him to work with international organizations & hacking companies. Ameeris a lone wolf, who is not hunting with a pack. Ameer Moavia is also known as S1cmvndus, a hacking and cybersecurity analyst. Ameer is currently writing a book based on time. He named this book ” A time dream” which is based on the principles of time, it deeply touches the Higgs field. He believes that his theory will help in quantum physics. Higgs field is a field of energy that is thought to exist in every region of the universe. It is accompanied by a fundamental particle known as the Higgs boson, which is used by the field to continuously interact with other particles, such as the electron.


The World is changing so fast, then why shouldn’t we?


Ameer Moavia says that his main goal is to spread awareness about space sciences in Pakistan, he believes that many people need to understand that Pakistan is a country of extreme talent, if we could raise awareness among students then Pakistan will be one of those countries which will have the mostnumber of scientists in the world. This will not only make them proud but also their country.

There was a time when no one knew who Ameer Moavia, but now? from the content creators who are just getting started, to the famous actors and celebrities who are in the industry for a long time, everyone knows him. He’s an influencer in everyone’s lives. Not only that, Ameer moavia was the person behind Facebook and Instagram in introducing these media operations in his country. After all this, now he remembers that there was a time when no one helped me, and now there is a time when I am helping everyone





Ameer Moavia currently working as the Chief Operation Officer | COO at Freestyle esports (@freestyleesports) which is a Esports Gaming Organization based in Pakistan. Ameer Moavia’s central goal is to take Pakistan’s esports to nextlevel. Huge Sponsorships ought to be given to Pakistani Esports Players to accomplish this objective. Each eSports player ought to be distinguished, Every Player belong to esports should have their own presence in the society and they should be well known players as we know other sports players in Pakistan or International.Ameer Moavia helped Arslan Ash with his major media Operations and web-based media perceivability on Instagram and Facebook. Ameer Said “Player Like Arslan Ash are Pride of Pakistan”.

His maxim is to familiarize new associations with Pakistan. He is a cultivated eSports player vocation. Ameer’s journey in eSports runs over 9 years. Where he tended to Pakistan and was a Top player from Pakistan. esports in Pakistan can be inconceivably significant for our overall population as it displays positive image of our dear Homeland furthermore can help create economy. Mr. Ameer Moavia is working nearby various relationship with a definitive target that they will put resources into Pakistan E-Sports and can make E-Sport as a Proper Profession for Pakistani Players. As a Chief Manager he tended to Free Style and worked for brand sponsorship with Red Bull Pakistan.

“Pakistan is the country of Impossible men”
― Ameer Moavia

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